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About Us

The Right to the City Alliance is a national alliance of over 35 racial, economic and environmental justice organizations, as well as resource allies and individual supporters. Right to the City emerged in 2007 as a unified response to gentrification and a call to halt the displacement of low-income people, LGBTQ, and youths of color from their historic urban neighborhoods. Our member organizations, allies and supporters stand together under the notion that every person has an inalienable right to the city. Through shared principles and a common frame and theory of change, the Right to the City Alliance is building a national movement for urban justice, human rights, and democracy. In the process, we are building new ways to work and organize, new ways to source innovation, and new ways to build reciprocal knowledge and common cause between locally based organizations and networks. Right to the City Alliance seeks to create regional and national impacts in the fields of housing, human rights, urban land, community development, civic engagement, criminal justice, environmental justice, and more.