African Youth Volunteers for Peace (AYVP)

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About Us

African youth Volunteers for Peace (AYVP), a non-governmental organization that was formed and got registered in the year 2012 as a company limited by guarantee, with registration number 160226. AYVP works in the projects of; Peace Building, Capacity Building, Human Rights Defending, Conflict Resolution, promoting Social Transformation, Integrated and area-based approach through Community-Focused Volunteering, Non-Violence, freedom from fear of Violence, Interpersonal or International relationships, Prosperity in matters of Economic Welfare, Establishment of Equality, Inner Peace Time, Psychosocial support and a working Political Order that serves the true interests of all. Head office located on Salaama Road, Kibuye Makindye Division.

VISION: To have a Peaceful African Continent free from wars, violence and any type of conflict.

MISSION: To promote Peace process through advocacy, training, conferences, seminars, research, information dissemination and documentation.

We strive to bring PEACE to the African continent through supporting individuals to find PEACE within. We are organizing the Annual International Youth Peace Culture and Arts Festival between 24-26 April 2015. We believe that a sustainable African Peace can happen when individuals first experience Inner Peace. We also believe that today's young adults have the energy and ability to create a transformation in the African continent that will lead to African Peace.

In working together harmoniously with people from around Uganda, the African continent and internationally as a whole and helping them find their own Inner Peace, AYVP team believes we can achieve success in initiating a sustainable African peace as well as World Peace.

By acting as a common denominator for people throughout Uganda and the African continent, of any cultural or religious background, the practice of Inner Peace will lead to true and permanent Inner Peace.

Therefore, AYVP strives to facilitate positive transformation in young people's personal and moral development as well as to implement the universality of Inner Peace in a culturally diverse African continent. In combining the Inner Peace experienced in meditation, with Outer Peace activities, sustainable peace can spread, from the individual to communities, countries and the world.