Liberia Book Trust Inc.

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About Us

The Liberia Book Trust Inc. is identifying and collecting data on library needs of schools of the rural communities and public schools to make available nformation for other library development organizations and partner organizations, or Government of Liberia, GOL.

In addition, the Book Trus is working with the libraries of rural community schools, and public schools to provide access to textbooks and reading materials for pupils and their teachers.

The objective is to provide access to textbooks and reading materials through the partnership of stakeholders in library development.

Besides that, the Liberia Book Trust is registered local non-for-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) operating in the ngo sector of the Republic of Liberia, RL, in West Africa. The Book Trust is incorporated under the Association Law of Liberia by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MFA, RL. And it is recognised by the Ministry of Planning and Econmic Affairs, MPEA, RL..