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About Us

The Providence After School Alliance is a public/private venture that is working to expand and improve after school opportunities for the youth of Providence by building a system of after school supports - AfterZones. This system will provide access for all youth in the City to high quality after school programs and learning opportunities.

PASA is building sustainable collaborations for the well-being and future of our youth.

Overview The Providence After School Alliance (PASA) aims to improve and increase quality after-school opportunities for the children and youth of Providence. PASA received initial funding from The Wallace Foundation and Bank of American. PASA was created and formed by the collective efforts of more than 150 public and nonprofit after-school providers in a planning process led by Mayor David N. Cicilline. PASA is an initiative of The Education Partnership, a collaborative of business and education leaders who are committed to improving the quality of Rhode Island’s K-12 public education system.

Mission Our mission is to expand and improve after-school opportunities for the youth of Providence by organizing a system of after-school supports. This system will ensure access for all Providence youth to high quality after-school programs and learning opportunities.

Vision Currently, Providence children and youth - especially those in middle school - have limited access to enriching after-school programs that help them transition into adulthood. To change a city where after-school programs are fragmented, under-resourced, and of varied quality, PASA intends to engage community leaders from both the public and private sectors who are committed to youth development. These leaders will drive a systemic and sustainable plan, informed by data and research that leverages funding from public and private sources for programs.

We believe that children and youth that participate in after-school activities on a consistent basis will benefit socially, emotionally, and academically. When young people have easy access to a wide variety of fulfilling activities and the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with peers and adults, they are more likely to attend school, receive good grades, have a positive self-image, and avoid harmful behaviors.

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