Kehillat Israel

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16019 Sunset Blvd.
Pacific Palisades
United States

About Us

Kehillat Israel, a Reconstructionist Congregation, is an inclusive spiritual Jewish community, providing a warm, nurturing, environment where we pray, learn, educate, and perpetuate Torah and Jewish values while serving the greater community. Kehillat Israel is also the largest Reconstructionist congregation west of the Mississippi, serving over 900 families from the Los Angeles area.

Founded in 1950, Kehillat Israel offers a religious home and spiritual education to children and adults alike. Not only does KI have an active and successful Early Childhood and Parenting Center and Religious School, but, through its Jewish Learning Institute, KI also offers a wide variety of adult education programs.

As a Reconstructionist congregation, we strive to make Judaism a vibrant part of our daily lives that remains relevant and flexible enough to evolve and meet the needs of our ever-changing society. Judaism is a civilization, and our primary sense of identity comes not out of a system of rigid rules and beliefs, but from our sense of belonging to a people, an extended family, a community.

Kehillat Israel believes in the complete equality of men and women, sees God as the power that inspires us to strive for human fullfilment as loving and caring people, and acknowledges both the rational foundation of the Universe and the spirituality inherent in all human life. Our doors are open to all, including interfaith couples. We discover God in the everyday miracles of our lives, and use that experience of Godliness to help bring meaning into the world.