University of Michigan - Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Regional Planning

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About Us

Urban and regional planners improve the lives of people through changing the environmental quality, economic vitality, and social equity of places. At Taubman College, we educate and encourage our students to be change-oriented leaders in both the professional world and the academy. Two important themes -- social justice and environmental sustainability -- are central to our teaching, research, and working with community partners, all aimed at improving public decision-making and the physical design of spaces. Through a focused curriculum, our students grapple with the challenges of these themes, and they enrich their educational experience by tapping into the remarkable campus-wide resources that are available here at one of the world’s premier public universities.

At Taubman College, we believe that we can make change through planning. If you share that belief, we invite you to join us as we strengthen and enhance our cities and communities.