Parts of peace

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United States

About Us

About the Organization We are a Baltimore, Maryland based charity organization that seeks to alleviate poverty locally. We operate in several counties in Maryland, and in Washington, DC. Our goal is to effectively end poverty locally by providing: Both temporary & permanent sustenance and offering useful and relevant resources to those in need free of charge.

Who is Parts of Peace We don't have a fancy, expensive website, no flash-player or intro music. We don't have a 30 person staff, 50 interns, a legal team or salaried positions. We don't have automated calling, secretaries, or large desks in executive suites.

We are student organized, and student run. we are extremely dedicated, innovative, persistent and peaceful.

We will engage our communities. We Will Spread peace both locally and globally. We will be honest, hardworking, and most importantly sincere.

We are dedicated to our cause and we appreciate the necessity for peace in justice in our world.