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About Us

Maní+ offers an innovative and holistic approach to combating malnutrition in Guatemala while providing economic development opportunities for rural farmers in communities affected by malnutrition.

We have developed a locally-sourced and nutrient rich supplementary food customized to the specific nutritional needs of Guatemalan children. Our Ready To Use Supplementary Food (RUSF) is accompanied by a culturally-appropriate educational model and programs to help farmers produce high-value products for new markets.

Our model is based on financial sustainability through sales at affordable prices, with surplus revenues invested in expansion and new product development.

Maní+ is a collaborative effort of the Instituto de Nutrición de Centroamérica y Panamá (INCAP) and the Shalom Foundation, with support from Vanderbilt University, Funcafé, the Full Belly Project, Valid Nutrition, and others.

Our mission: to develop and produce products to combat malnutrition, distribute them in a way that maximizes social impact, and provide economic opportunities for small producers.

Our vision: to end chronic malnutrition in Guatemala through providing effective nutritional supplements and opening market opportunities for farmers affected by malnutrition.

The Maní+ model consists of 5 key components

1. The Product. Maní+ has developeda Ready-To-Use Supplementary Food (RUSF) that rapidly and effectively combats the specific forms of malnutrition found in Guatemala through a balance of protein, calories, and micronutrients.

2. Economic and Agricultural Development. By purchasing local ingredients, Maní+ opens new market opportunities for rural farmers while working with them to eliminate aflatoxin contamination and obtain international certifications.

3. Education. Maní+ provides culturally-appropriate workshops for mothers and children in local languages, emphasizing overall nutrition as well as how to use RUSFs.

4. Research and Development. Maní+ develops new and better products to combat nutritional problems in the laboratories of INCAP.

5. Social Enterprise. Maní+ is a social enterprise, capable of being 100% self-sustainable and reinvesting surplus revenue directly in the project.