Banandje Development Consortium (BADECO)

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About Us

Most families in the Northwest region of the Ivory Coast live on less than one dollar a day. As a result, many people including children go hungry everyday. Since communities lack access to productive farmland, environmentally sustainable fertilizers, herbicides, seeds and modern agricultural equipment, the poverty cycle perpetuates. There are many resources that can be utilized to help communities attain these means, and overcome poverty and hunger. Our mission is to fight against hunger and poverty, and foster socio-economic development in rural Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our programs work to achieve sustainable development by:

  • Improving farming techniques and conditions in order to increase productivity
  • Promoting the cultivation of nutritious crops for consumption i.e. corn and rice
  • Generating agribusinesses to raise incomes and improve diet
  • Improving the quality of education and health care by renovating rundown public schools and health clinics, and introducing internet technology.