Neighborhood Family Services Coalition

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New York
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About Us

The Neighborhood Family Services Coalition (NFSC) is a group of service providers and advocacy organizations that works to promote the provision of quality services for children and families at the neighborhood level. Since 1980, NFSC has advocated for the availability of comprehensive neighborhood-based services, directing particular attention to issues concerning youth development, preventive services, youth employment, school-community collaborations, GED reform and adult literacy. Our overarching goal is to ensure that good practice becomes public policy.

NFSC works to accomplish its mission in several interconnected ways. We work aggressively to stay informed of proposed changes in budgets, legislation, and policy at the local, state and federal levels that will impact community-based services for children, youth, and families. NFSC also plays an important role in convening youth service providers to identify common issues and mobilize the field to respond to new proposals or threats. NFSC is a leader in cross-system youth advocacy in New York City, a reputation earned through extensive work on youth issues and the success of the coalition’s efforts.