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About Us

The Medic One Foundation is an independent, privately funded organization. Our work provides the essential building blocks for Medic One's lifesaving success in the Seattle and King County region. Although the Medic One tax levy provides the financial resources to put men and women in Medic One trucks and to put the trucks on the street, taxes do not support training for paramedics, advanced research to develop new methods of emergency care, and independent medical oversight to improve survival rates and patient outcomes.

Supported entirely through charitable contributions, the Foundation's programs ensure that Medic One paramedics will do precisely what a well-trained doctor would do at the scene of a life-or-death emergency. The Foundation funds paramedic training for all Medic One providers in King County, as well as many communities throughout our region. Other Foundation-funded programs, such as patient care and research, benefit pre-hospital emergency care around the world through shared protocols and published research findings.