Swechha - We for Change

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B 1/46, 3rd floor
Malviya Nagar
New Delhi

About Us

Swechha ('one’s own free will' in Hindi) is a movement – a consensus among people about the nature of society, its problems, and possible ways to work towards positive change. We work with and through young people from all walks of life in order to raise awareness and bring about change. For us, 'change' means a transformation in the attitude of the masses, in their perceptions, and, simultaneously, in the environment - both social and human. We provide support, guidance and a platform for people to ‘be the change’ themselves.

We believe that exposure and empowerment, especially at a young age, can dilute the apathy that many feel when it comes to acting on social and environmental injustices. We use a variety of methods such as experiential learning, street plays, games and films to disseminate knowledge and further participatory development. We aspire to keep our approaches innovative and, through our staff’s contagious excitement, we strive to continue growing as an organisation that successfully empowers people.