Thankful Paws

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PO Box 616
Bel Air
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About Us

These are tough economic times filled with many hardships. Thankful Paws understands the bond of love that we all share with our pets. Pets are family!

Don't surrender your pet! Thankful Paws can help keep your family together.

No one should ever have to choose between homelessness and providing for our pet(s). It is our honor to help people get through a tough financial time. We are in it together, you are not alone. This setback is temporary, don’t abandon your pet!

Helping a person in financial crisis spares their pet the devastation of abandonment or abuse. Your donation helps keep families together. Many times, a faithful pet is the only friend a homeless or an elderly person has. Please help!

There is currently no provision in Maryland for a homeless person with pets to receive services, or even take refuge from extreme weather. Thankful Paws is working to change that!