Humane Week

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About Us

Be Humane. Be a Humanimal!

Every time we purchase animal products, we are voting with our dollars toward practices that affect animals. Animals should have sufficient space and natural food, be free of unnecessary antibiotics and hormones, and retain the ability to engage in their natural behaviors.

The mission of Humane Week ( is to raise awareness about the inhumane conditions used by factory farms, and to promote local family farms that treat animals humanely. Our organization gathers and makes public information about local supermarkets and restaurants that source their animal products from humane farms.

Humane Week's main vehicle for consumer transformation is its "Humane Week." Upcoming weeks are January 16-22 in NYC and in March for Toronto.

During this week, we ask people to take a pledge to only buy animal products that were treated humanely. Participants take the pledge on our website,

We believe that unifying vegans, vegetarians and omnivores, we can have the biggest impact on factory farms. Our goal is to be uniting, optimistic and upbeat, and to continually focus on better alternatives to our broken factory farming system.