Association for Water And Rural Development

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About Us

AWARD’s vision is to contribute to a more sustainable world and in particular to a democratic South Africa where the principles of equity and sustainability are upheld and strengthened through building active civil society participation in wise water and biodiversity stewardship, management and governance.

AWARD’s mission is to develop, test and inform new and appropriate ways of managing water and biodiversity so as to contribute to sustainable futures that promote the dignity of all. We seek to do this through

  • Research-based, participatory enquiry and implementation
  • Communicating and sharing our learning and findings
  • Influencing and supporting institutions with responsibility for policy and implementation,
  • Working with approaches that support the livelihoods of the vulnerable and poor.
  • Adopting innovative approaches that support transformation in line with the vision
  • Adopting systemic approaches in support of catchment-based water resources management and regional biodiversity initiatives
  • Adopting a social learning orientation towards capacity development.