Medical Africa International

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About Us

MAI is a registered non-governmental organization (S5914/9959) devoted to advocacy for extreme poverty families in Africa and provides medical care, food, counselling, education, and household assistance to disabled/orphaned children and their families in order to achieve temperate standards of livings.

MAI also promotes long-lasting solutions to poor household problems through a network of schools, churches, and communities; and coordinates the international community and other organizations to respond to their particular needs. The organization began its operations on 9th February 2007 but completed its final registration with the NGO board in 2012.

Our Mission

To improve holistic development and good health in the community focusing on the social, emotional and spiritual needs through supportive systems that shall ensure the next generation.


To realize communities in a good health environment with quality education and adequate standards of living

Our Key Objective

We carry out activities in the fields of promoting medical care and health; supporting programs for health training; improving holistic development in churches and communities; providing formal education to children and youths.

If you're interested in working with us in those areas you are welcome. Email us at or visit our website