Project Plus One

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About Us

Project Plus One is an initiative to support a health clinic in need. Every day 500 members of a poor community in the country of Timor Leste come to the Bairo Pite Clinic for medical attention. Patients suffering from tuberculosis, malaria, pneumonia, hepatitis, leprosy, and HIV look to the clinic as their only source of treatment and hope for survival.

The Bairo Pite Clinic was founded in the midst of Timor Leste's violent struggle for independence from Indonesia in 1999. Since then, the clinic has been adopted into the capital city of Dili as the community's center of primary health care. Operating almost entirely by the local Timorese, the clinic is not only providing life-saving medical services but is also creating a long-term solution by training future health providers for the community. However, due to shortages of resources, many of the clinic's health programs are facing closure.

This does not have to happen.

Project Plus One seeks to identify projects that will lower operation cost, strengthen health workforce, and support the clinic to become self-sufficient. Through these sustainable development projects, we will empower - not undermine - the local community to provide healthcare for its members.

This is how we can make a long-lasting impact.