Mentors in Violence Prevention Australia

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About Us

The Mentors in Violence Prevention (‘MVP’) program is a leadership program focused on the prevention of all forms of violence. The interactive, discussion-based program views all people as bystanders who can be empowered to prevent, confront or interrupt violent situations involving their peers. MVP encourages all individuals to take responsibility for being part of the solution and seeks to engage young people in the process by increasing their knowledge about violence issues and developing their skills and confidence to intervene in effective ways. MVP believes the more options a person has available to them, the less likely he or she is to choose violence or do nothing. MVP has been conducting training in the United States since 1993, and has been evaluated as an effective primary prevention program.

Since its inception, the MVP model has been used to train thousands of high school and university students, professional athletes, military service members, educators and social service providers in the United States with significant success.

MVP was adapted and introduced by Griffith University in Australia in 2010.