Alternate Forum for Research in Mindanao

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About Us

Action research and policy studies. Inquiry, analyses, and synthesis of basic socio-economic trends including government policies and strategies that impact on the different sectors in Mindanao.

Over the years, AFRIM has produced papers on strategic concerns such as:

  • agribusiness and trade
  • industrialization
  • peace and development
  • poverty
  • women issues
  • ancestral domain
  • tourism
  • mining
  • energy and development

Policy and public advocacy. Articulation, through various media forms of alternative approaches and solutions to pressing issues and concerns, and establishment of working linkages with decision-makers and opinion shapers in government and the private sector, local and national media, and the NGO/PO community in the country and abroad.

Integrated communications and readership expansion. Popularization of action research and policy studies, issues, and trends through creative publication modes and forms and their efficient circulation.