Naihati Prolife

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151, Mitrapara Road

About Us

Our Mission Statement: The dream is to help develop an environment that allows harmonious co-existence of human beings amongst themselves, with other life forms and nature.

So we could not think of leaving behind the migrant children belonging to the seasonally migrant brick-field workers – who, being migrants, cannot avail governmental programmes like ‘Education for All’ (Sarba Siksha Mission), ‘Mid Day Meal’, etc. We are now serving at least 250 such children a year. We are in our fourth session now. If fund permitted we could think of extending this programme and keeping contact with the kids even when they stay away at their homes in other states and districts.

Additionally, we have been serving about 38,000 students in 77 schools in 2 districts in WB in the field of safe drinking water and sanitary-hygiene (including attending problems of 13,000 teenage girl students re: menstrual hygiene). Though, it is sad to say that we could arrange for Arsenic filters only in a small number of schools, as conventional WASH programmes generally do not cover this, in spite of the fact that WB is an Arsenic Affected state. We are looking forward to widening our WASH programme and for intensifying efforts on the problems of teenage girls.

Among our other social commitments and activities there are: (1) partnering in the Revised National Tuberculosis Prevention & Control programme looking after 4 Tuberculosis Units each serving 500,000+ population; (2) helping local and state governments in arranging awareness-drive on a wide range of subjects; etc.