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About Us

Union School was founded in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1919 as a school for the children of U.S. Marines residing in Port-au-Prince. It since has grown to incorporate other English speakers in the community, including dependents of business people, foreign diplomats, international organizations and local residents. The school has moved locations several times since conception and in August 2002 relocated to a spectacular new campus in Juvénat. This facility is housed on two hectares, with two buildings, 38 classrooms, two computer labs, two science labs, a library with 12, 000 volumes and sports fields. Union School  is a private, co-educational, and non-sectarian institution established in Haiti for the purpose of providing an American program of studies in both English and French for students of all nationalities. The strengths of Union School rest upon the commitment and mutual respect demonstrated by its parents, faculty, and students in all aspects of its endeavors.  We recognize the value of accreditation and strive to maintain the highest standards as prescribed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in regard to our faculty, our curriculum and school procedures.


The mission of Union School Haiti is to continue to inspire a culture of life-long learning that encourages academic excellence and personal integrity. Our U.S. Accredited program is intended to prepare our community of learners to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.



The Union School Haiti will be a locally and internationally recognized community of academic and personal excellence.



Union School is committed to meeting the needs of students from diverse cultural backgrounds, offering a program that focuses on excellence in academics and all other areas of their lives.  We provide our students, an American curriculum with particular emphasis on Haitian history and culture.  This program recognizes that education is a life-long process through which individuals continually acquire skills, develop abilities, and increase their potential.  We emphasize the importance of acquiring fluency in oral and written English at all levels, and obtaining proficiency in French. We strive to provide an up-to-date, inquiry-based, and technologically-relevant curriculum which leads our students towards higher education and their individual potential.  Our school provides varied educational environments in which to address unique learning needs.  Union School believes in a learning process which addresses the total development of the student: cognitive, social, moral, cultural, and physical. Working together, our school community empowers students to pursue excellence, explore the consequences of their actions, and to take meaningful risks.  We encourage our students to become responsible citizens and leaders, who hold true to democratic values.”