Common Ground

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About Us

Common Ground's mission is to create and preserve housing that is affordable to people with low incomes and special needs across Washington state.

Common Ground fights homelessness by creating and preserving affordable housing. Over the past three decades, we’ve partnered with more than 300 community-based organizations, resulting in over 6,200 units of housing for people with low-incomes and special needs.

We offer a range of high-impact consulting services to nonprofit and government agencies that share our goal of meeting critical housing needs.

In 1980, several concerned Seattle community groups founded Common Ground in response to a growing housing crisis. The new organization began helping local social service agencies and churches identify sites and secure funding for affordable homes. Years later, our mission is the same, our geographic base has grown and our services have evolved to fit a more complex world.

At our core, here’s what we’re about:

  • We value meeting the needs and priorities of our clients and the communities they serve.
  • We aim to provide first-rate, professional service to our partners.
  • We seek to find long-term solutions through innovative approaches and sound public policy.
  • We are committed to green/sustainable building practices and cost-effective use of scarce housing resources.
  • We believe affordable housing is an essential component of all vibrant communities.