Monroe County Democratic Committee

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About Us

The Monroe County Democratic Committee is the official governing body for the County Party. It aims to help Democrats combine their efforts to elect representatives to local, state, and national government. These candidates and elected officials, whatever their views on specific issues, are united in their general Democratic philosophy of striving to benefit the general welfare with special attention to those who need it. The Party, at all levels, is an inclusive one, striving for the greatest possible public participation in our society. The committee’s foundation is the base of registered Democratic voters. MCDC is seeking enthusiastic, politically minded future leaders for our Field Team.

Interested voters can join Town and Ward committees, which then unite to form the County Committee. The County Committee then elects members to the New York State Democratic Committee, and the State Committee elects members to

Each Democratic committee member represents an election district, and can participate on the committees that include that district at the town, ward, city, or county level. Each election district can elect from two to four committee members, depending on the Democratic share of the vote in the last race for governor.

The County Committee includes most of the members of the Town and Ward committees, bringing them together to work on countywide, state, and national races as well as on issues. The County Committee also helps coordinate the different local committees, helping raise funds, find candidates, and share their