Noe Valley Nursery School

  • CA

About Us

Noe Valley Nursery School (NVNS) was founded by a group of neighborhood parents in 1969 that sought to support each other and enable their children to learn and grow in a positive, nurturing environment.  We have maintained this vision and evolved into a play-based cooperative nursery school that is a member of the San Francisco Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools. 

NVNS is a child-centered school.  Our goal is to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment that enables children to build a positive self-image, cultivate positive social relationships through play, and develop a lifelong love of learning.  

NVNS is a community of parents interested in taking part in our children's preschool experience. Each family shares in the planning and operation of the school. Parents staff the school under the guidance of the Director. 

NVNS is a place where children extend the love they have for their parents to other children’s parents, and where parents extend the love they have for their children to other people’s children. 

At Noe Valley Nursery School we are of all ethnicities, religions, orientations, abilities and backgrounds. No matter where we come from, we are one inclusive community. We celebrate our differences. We all learn here, and then we pass it on.