We Can Work It Out Project

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About Us

21 December, 2012; The last day of the Mayan Calendar, The turning of one age to another. Some fear an apocalypse, some look for a golden age to begin. We, frankly don't not know what if anything will happen that day. The members of the We Can Work It Out Project say let's not let fate dictate those events. Instead let's be proactive and do something ourselves. The project is asking the world to unite in a daylong secular celebration of human diversity using art and music to emphasize our commonality. For a few brief minutes we would like the world to lift their voices in song. That song being the Beatles; We Can Work It Out. A song reminding us that there is no need for this fussing and fighting amongst each other. Imagine what that might feel like; all of humanity speaking as one voice. We CAN work it out.