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About Us

Fanya Mambo Foundation is a newly founded Kenyan Non-profit Organization that works with poor and disadvantaged local community members, helping to create educational and economic opportunities at the grassroots level. We believe in working with local communities to ensure that natural resources are protected for future generations. Initially, Fanya Mambo was a program designed to educate school children and community members on how to utilize used plastic bottles and trash in an Eco-friendly manner under Solace International (a small US based non-profit aid organization that works with communities in developing countries. Creating and implementing poverty eradication strategies.). Fanya Mambo Program has since evolved into a registered Kenyan Non-Profit Foundation on its own.

With the approval of the National Enviromental management Agency (N.E.M.A) and the Education and Enviroment Departments of the Nairobi City Council, we have given presantations and workshops on the enviromental impact of carelessly disposed used plastic bottles and bags in schools around Eastland Nairobi. Working with school children in producing Eco-blocs, we have built a heavy duty 20 seater bench cum table ana roundabout boundary at St Patricks Primary School and a heavy duty perimeter Wall at Uhuru Primary School through the Fanya Mambo Program.

Fanya Mambo's dedication remains helping to create educational and economic opportunities for unemployed youths and the disadvantaged community members left out in development activities by actively involving them in creating and implementing their own ideas. Our mission is to complement the government's efforts towards achieving goals outlined in the Vision 2030 document by modelling solutions aligned to the various problems identified under the program. We aim at creating sustainable solutions in the housing, environmental, agricultural, water and sanitation sectors.

The specific objectives of the foundation are;

  • To create self empowerment opportunities for the youths;
  • To promote sustainable, creative and environmental friendly construction and farming methods;
  • To improve innovation and creativity amongst the youths;
  • To highlight the problems of unemployed/unskilled youths and thus encourage the involvement of interested people or organizations in assisting towards their social and economic development and to;
  • Ensure peaceful co-existence, teamwork and unity among community members while implementing the foundation’s projects.