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About Us

The Global Leader for Financial Dignity

Operation HOPE's mission is to make free enterprise and capitalism work for all. Financial literacy is the tool, financial dignity is the goal and financial inclusion is the way. The challenges of economic justice are multifaceted—and so is our strategy. Operation HOPE's efforts span a broad array of programs, services, and movements at local, national, and worldwide levels. These include:

HOPE Financial Dignity Centers - Our financial counselors help clients buy new homes, avoid foreclosure, open businesses, and improve their credit—all for free. To date, our centers have restructured over $360 million in subprime mortgages.

Banking on Our Future - Our volunteers enter classrooms in impoverished communities worldwide to teach kids how to get ahead—through financial literacy education and entrepreneurship.

HOPE Coalition America - In the wake of large-scale disasters, financial effects linger long after aid and media coverage have dissipated. We help clients recover financially from natural disasters, foreclosures, and other emergencies by providing financial guidance to victims of such disasters—assisting over 150,000 people after Hurricane Katrina and establishing a presence in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

HOPE Corps Volunteers - We're always looking for compassionate, dedicated people to serve at the vanguard of our movement for financial literacy and economic justice.

Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline - We offer a free hotline service connecting individuals with with counselors that are ready to assist individuals in danger of losing their home. Our counselors have helped thousands of homeowners nationwide resolve challenging mortgage problems.

HOPE Global Initiatives - We're expanding our services worldwide, marshaling local volunteers to improve the quality of life in developing countries through economic empowerment.

The Gallup-HOPE Financial Literacy Index - Through our partnership with Gallup, we are building a financial literacy index quantifying the connection between hope, well-being, engagement, and financial literacy.

Global Dignity - Co-founded by Operation HOPE founder John Hope Bryant, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, and Professor Pekka Himanen, Global Dignity promotes dignity for all through classroom education and conversation with world leaders.