Marching Mountains

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700 Douglas Ave.
United States

About Us

Marching Mountains’ vision is to see a child become something more than that child would have become because an instrument found its way into their hands; to see band programs across Appalachia become more successful because band directors are working together using technology to share ideas and resources; to see local communities hold events that benefit their bands because they’ve seen a child with an instrument believe in themselves and now they believe more in their community.

Marching Mountains organizes at the grassroots level while creating and leveraging Internet technology to empower our networks of involved people. Marching Mountains seeks grants and corporate sponsorship in addition to fundraising to provide resources, grants and scholarships to aid music programs at public middle schools and high schools in distressed counties in Appalachia. Marching Mountains promotes and organizes instrument drives to put instruments in the hands of children in Appalachia who have a desire to participate in music.

We need all kinds of people in the Marching Mountains network. Find out more by following the links below.