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About Us

Natural ecosystems on both sea and land are being rapidly replaced by anthropogenic ones like tree monocultures and industrial aquaculture farms in sea and fresh water exaggerating indirectly the demise of the former even greater.

This process although compatible and mostly favorable with most of our socioeconomic systems is not compatible with long term preservation of humanity on the planet.

Change is needed fast. This will come from society itself and it will come by an overall realization that nature not man knows best and that we should follow nature rather than attempt to reshape it ignoring how it has produced the natural world through millions of years of experimentation and requires high biodiversity to maintain itself as opposed to mono cultural ecosystems  .

We aim to reverse this trend and to do this we need to produce both work based on good science and solid ecological principles but also fill the gaps in the knowledge base where it is necessary in terms of scientific knowledge that is needed to achieve this as we believe that the right science for sustainable development and biodiversity conservation is sorely lacking worldwide.

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Ecosystem and wildlife monitoring internship (Internship)

Field volunteer program in wildlife and ecosystem monitoring in Greece (Volunteer Opportunity)