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About Us

PROMETHEAN SPARK INTERNATIONAL is a volunteer nonprofit organization that does life coaching for impoverished youth worldwide. We run long term programs in leprosy colonies in India, prisons, slums and orphanages in Africa and in sex trafficking shelters in Mexico City and Nepal. We teach the youth skills that will allow them to succeed in school, jobs and family life. Discipline, focus, goal setting, respect, critical thinking, perseverance, leadership, time management and many more are taught and experienced in a Promethean Spark program. The participants learn the concepts as they are doing them so they don’t just walk away understanding it abstractly. They walk away saying, “I am discipline. I am focus. I am a goal setter. I am a leader.” Our life coaching methodology is taught through the medium of dance, theatre and fitness. 

PSI has made a difference in the lives of thousands of children and youth in the past 12 years and we look forward to thousands more in the years to come.

PROMETHEAN SPARK LIFE COACHING THROUGH THE ARTS CERTIFICATION is a 2-week, 30-hour course that prepares the teacher to be a life coach first and a dance instructor second. These are not just inspirational dance classes. Over 80% of our alumni have gone on to tertiary education and full-time jobs. They are the transitory link in their generational chain of poverty. Once an individual has certified, they may use it in their own lives at home, in the studio, at school or in the office. Or they may go the next step and become a PSI Life Coach Abroad and run one of our international programs in India, Africa, Mexico or Nepal.

LIFE DANCE TROUPE - In 2009 we formed the first ever dance troupe comprised of youth from leprosy colonies. This is in collaboration with the Rising Star Outreach of India Peery Matriculation School for leprosy affected children. They have performed for over 17,000 people thus far and are on the front lines of the battle to lift the stigma of leprosy from the minds of the people. They are examples of the great potential these discarded families have.