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About Us

The Task Force for Global Health, Inc. is a nonprofit public health organization that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. However, the work of the Task Force focuses on both international and domestic health and human development.

The Task Force was formed in 1984 as a collaboration between the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the United Nations Development Program, the World Bank, and the Rockefeller Foundation to achieve the goal of universal child immunization by 1990. The Task Force for Child Survival and Development began as a secretariat for this extraordinarily successful venture. Since its inception, the Task Force has worked effectively to convene people and organizations from public and private sectors to help them work together to achieve consensus and implement programs. By providing an unbiased, neutral meeting ground, we are able to help organizations set aside their institutional agendas to achieve a common strategic goal.

The scope of the Task Force’s work has expanded over the last 16 years to include other aspects of child health and development; infectious diseases such as polio, malaria, river blindness, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. We also help public health organizations develop and implement information systems that support improved health and well-being in communities. And recently we have added expertise and experience in injury and violence prevention.

Our Core Values

Social Justice We will work for social justice by ensuring our actions benefit those who are least well off. This value does not mean that we help only those who are least well off. It means that improving their health and development is a goal of the programs we support. Because we cannot have a world where half the population is well and the other half is sick, we will work for global health equity.

Integrity We value integrity and believe in treating our fellow colleagues, both within and outside the Task Force, with respect, honesty, and fairness. We strive to be reliable, ethical, and honorable in our personal and professional relationships.

Commitment to Children Although our programs do not focus solely on children, we are committed to children because they are our future. Because we value future health and development, we focus on the prevention of problems and the promotion of health and well-being.

Optimism We are optimistic in our belief that our actions can and do make a difference. We are proactive in seizing opportunities and are willing to take risks in our pursuit of continuous improvement. We are action-oriented and work to improve health