Lakeside Community Development Corporation

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6636 N Clark Street
United States

About Us

Lakeside Community Development Corporation is a 501c3 nonprofit housing agency located on Chicago's Far North Side. The mission of Lakeside is to "preserve and create affordable housing opportunities in Chicago through education, advocacy and real estate development." Services include individual counseling and educational programs for individuals seeking to obtain or maintain their housing; community-based and citywide advocacy concerning affordable housing preservation and creation; and development of housing for low- and moderate income families.

Lakeside CDC operates from the belief that communities characterized by racial, social, and economic diversity are the ideal. Maintaining such diversity requires the intentional actions of community groups, housing providers, public officials, and others to maintain diverse housing options.

Since 2005, Lakeside has assisted nearly 2,000 individuals improve their housing options and has caused more than $1 million to be invested in new community programs and services. Programs are funded with a combination of government grants, private donations, and in-kind contributions of goods and services.