Sober October Foundation

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32 Camden St.
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About Us

Who are the crazy people behind Sober October? We are a casual collective of entrepreneurs and aspiring philanthropists’ who have spent a lifetime on Canada’s patios. We know that lethargic hungover feeling all too well and believe that going sober for just one month will do wonders for our bodies and bank accounts. October is a great month to cleanse the heart and soul and re-focus on family and work alike. This month long sober commitment is a way to compete with friends, family or co-workers while raising money for our selected charities. This year we are supporting the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). 100% of all funds donated through your personal or team campaigns will go to the CCS and tax receipts will be issued by Dec. 1, 2014.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone! And invite your co-workers, friends, and family. The more people who can get involved, the more fun it will be. Not to mention being able to reduce the impact of cancer on Canadians. Companies looking to increase productivity and morale can sign up their employees. It's an excellent team building opportunity and friendly workplace competition is always fun.