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About Us

The breeding and rescue center, Crax2000, is the only hope to save the critically endangered White-Winged Guan. This species, locally known as the Pava Aliblanca is a Peruvian symbol of cultural heritage and pride.

Crax2000, located in the northern dry forests of Olmos, Lambayeque, is dedicated to the captive breeding, raising and reintroduction of the endemic White-Winged Guan. For almost 100 years this species was thought extinct due to habitat destruction and hunting for sport and game. In 1977, a local farmer found a small group of individuals in the dry creek beds of Olmos. Quickly labeled the “Rediscovery of the Century”, the White-Winged Guan instantly grew to international fame. However, it still remains one of the world’s most critically endangered species.

In 1990, Dr. Victor Raul Diaz Montes, as president of the association CraxPeru, began a project to breed and reintroduce the guan in its private center. To this date, the center has successfully bred and reintroduced 66 individuals to the Communal Reserve of Chaparri and 8 to the Laquipampa Wildlife Refuge, both located in Lambayeque. However, the population is currently far from sustainable with less than 350 individuals in their natural habitat. Today, there are approximately 100 White-Winged Guans in captivity in the center in Olmos with 30 individuals ready for reintroduction. This project has the support of the newly created Peruvian Environmental Ministry and Agricultural Ministry.

The breeding center also serves as an animal refuge center for abused and injured animals confiscated by INRENA (Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales). INRENA has appointed Dr. Diaz guardian of over 800 individual animals ranging from critically endangered monkeys to injured birds of prey.