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About Us

Empowerment helps an individual to attain his or her full potential thereby increasing their social and political participation among others.

The overall objective of Grikob Foundation Ghana is to strengthen processes that promote economic development of women and create an environment for social change. Specifically, the Foundation will seek to:

1. Build the capacity of women through education on one hand and skills training on the other

2. Carry out institutional sensitization programs to support agencies to address women needs

3. Promote role modeling with the aim of encouraging up and coming ladies to pursue higher education

4. Increase the income of poor women

The Foundation will undertake these objectives through the following prepositions:

1. Engage in school visitations so as to interact and encourage ladies to pursue education to the highest level

2. Seek sponsorships to assist two ladies at the Senior High School level and two at the Tertiary level annually

3. Form and sustain well organized and vibrant Self-help women groups

4. Promote engagement between the women groups and lending institutions to ensure women's access to credit facilities

5. Organize vocational and skills training programs for rural women.

The core value of the Foundation is grounded in the universal assertion that every individual has the right to take his or her destiny into their own hands.

It is also guided by the principles of promoting self reliance, increasing the integrity and self esteem of the woman. Going forward, it is hoped that Grikob Foundation will be a pillar to all women.