Unite for Action Inc.

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About Us

Unite for Action is primarily concerned with addressing the following issues:
  • Making certain that African Americans use their talents and resources to empower one another instead of dispersing and investing their talents and resources into people and companies that do not have an interest in the African American community

  • Helping African Americans to build stronger communities, regardless of where they exist, that will enable African-Americans to compete and thrive in a highly competitive global labor market and world economy.Financially supporting schools of education that demonstrate an interest in successfully preparing African American youth. For example, Urban Prep Academies, founded by Tim King, is an all-boys charter school that consistently has a 100% graduation rate and prepares college-ready graduating classes of students.

  • Financially supporting Black businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs in hiring positions that employ African Americans, thereby significantly reducing high unemployment rates.Countering negative stereotypes of African Americans in the media and elsewhere, making certain that our youth are not identifying and emulating negative stereotypes, and making certain that enough Black youth have access to positive role models and mentors in their communities

  • In the political arena, making certain that unjust laws and the judicial system isn’t skewed to target African Americans and prevent them from being active and participating members of America’s political and voting system

    Through knowledge building, community service, awareness and pooling of resources, we will engage in activities that promote the ideals to help change these current issues and our situation for the better. We must continually work together for a common purpose to tackle these issues that are adversely affecting the black community for us to continue to progress.