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About Us

Earthjustice (originally the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund) was established in 1971 as an independent, non-profit law firm to serve the burgeoning environmental movement. Our mission is to protect natural resources and public health by enforcing and strengthening environmental laws and providing clients with the best legal representation and related advocacy.

At the core of the Alaska Office docket are the protection of the Alaska coastal rain forest, protection of sensitive areas in northern Alaska from oil and gas development, conservation of the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska marine ecosystem, wildlife conservation, air and water quality enforcement, national park and other public lands management, and mining activities in Alaska. Our clients include national, regional and local conservation organizations, traditional Native villages, ecotourism businesses, and communities, as well as other organizations concerned about enforcing the laws to protect the environment. The Alaska Office is located in the state capital, Juneau, and has a legal staff of 6 attorneys and 3 support staff.