Healthcare Advocacy

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About Us

Healthcare Advocacy is a health insurance patient/consumer consulting and advocacy firm. It is setting-up as a non-profit to serve the under-insured and uninsured by removing financial barriers to quality healthcare.

For the under-insured, it will: 1. Educate consumer on rights and responsibilities under their health plan. 2. Evaluate coverage to assure that will be there for the consumer when she needs it. 3. As needs change, make sure the health plan continues to meet her needs. 4. Work to resolve her complaints, grievances, and appeals. 5. Help manage and reduce her medical debt.

For the uninsured, we sill: 1. Review options/eligibility requirements for coverage options (e.g., COBRA, HIPAA, individual coverage, Medicaid, state risk pool). 2. Provide links to free/reduced care services (e.g., The Greater Kansas City Cover the Uninsured Coalition). 3. Help manage and reduce her medical debt.