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Diaz beach
Western Cape
South Africa

About Us

Mission, Vision & Method

“The empowerment of marginalized youths through surfing"


To be empowered is to create a life of opportunity and success, despite one’s circumstances. In order to achieve empowerment commitment and dedication is essential. With commitment and dedication any person can rise above their circumstances. Therefore, in order to foster empowerment one must teach commitment and dedication before anything else.

Surfing is inherently difficult to learn. To learn surfing a range of progressively more difficult skills are required. And, like any other difficult skill, surfing requires true commitment and dedication to master. Thus, no child will walk away from having learn t to surf without also having experienced the empowering effect of commitment and dedication. In that sense, learning to surf is comparable to studying for a degree at University. It’s not something that will happen by itself and it’s not something that will happen within a matter of weeks or months. Not even a year. In order to truly learn surfing, several years of commitment and dedication is required. And that is the most important life lesson one can learn: empowerment, opportunity and success comes as a result of commitment and dedication.