William & Mary Branch Out

  • VA

About Us

Branch Out Vision:

To create a community of active and educated individuals dedicated to the pursuit of social justice.

Branch Out Mission:

Branch Out will engage students in diverse quality alternative breaks so that they become active and educated members of society.

Branch Out is analternative breaksprogram, not aservice tripsprogram, because we offer much more than a direct service and travel experience. We educate our participants on issues, prepare them with training and orientation, reflect on our learning and build active citizens. “Alternative Breaks” is a term recognized nationally, and using that term identifies us as part of a national movement of strong programs building active citizens and making positive community change. As a proud member of Break Away, Branch Out integrates the Eight Components of a Quality Alternative Breakand the concept of the Active Citizen Continuum.

Branch Out has a strong focus on social justice and works to ensure that our projects build capacity and respect the dignity of the communities with whom we partner. Our site leaders are trained in principles of social justice and gain an understanding of privilege so that our alternative breaks can bring about more justice in society.