Walla Walla University - Graduate Studies

  • Washington

About Us

Walla Walla University is a non-profit, Christian institution affiliated with the Seventh-Day Adventist church. We are proud to boast an active student body with one of the highest participation rates in study abroad and student missions.

Choose to study in the following Master degree areas:

  • Biology
  • Cinema, Religion, & Worldview (for filmmakers wanting to create change)
  • Education (Teaching certification and Special Education)
  • Social Work (CSWE accredited, clinical program with full-time and part-time options)

We are a community of faith and discovery committed to

  • Excellence in thought
  • Generosity in service
  • Beauty in expression
  • Faith in God

OBJECTIVES OF THE GRADUATE PROGRAM Graduate programs provide an atmosphere which stimulates intellectual curiosity and independent thinking. They are designed to develop an appreciation for the value of research, to provide involvement with basic research techniques, and to strengthen professional competence in areas of specialization.