Keys 2 Success

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1536 Springfield Ave
New Providence
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About Us

Keys 2 Success is a new program that seeks to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Newark, New Jersey, through music education.

Our organization is a part of the global network of hundreds of El Sistema-inspired programs which provides intensive classical music instruction to young students in urban centers at low or no cost to the families.  El Sistema-inspired programs have been successfully implemented in the cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Los Angeles.  This program is the second such program to be implemented in the city of Newark and it is being offered free of charge to students in a Newark public elementary school.

This program will provide daily intensive group piano and music theory instruction which will include:

  1. daily (5-days) small group (4 students) piano lessons of approximately 30 minutes in duration, 

  2. weekly 2-hour after-school ensemble training that will incorporate orchestral percussion instruments, and

  3. for a sub-group of students, daily 15-minute individual coachings

Personal mentoring, cultural exposure and providing that kind of network are among the goals of Keys 2 Success. We are working alongside the families of poor children to create a pathway to participate in and benefit from the existing musical opportunities in Newark and to enable them to go on to live productive, satisfying lives.