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About Us

We are a non-profit high school exchange organization approved by the DOS to sponsor 14-18 year-old foreign students with hosts in the US. We are in need of individuals or families who would be interested in hosting a student from another country to live and attend high school in any locale within 150 miles of Austin, Texas, beginning this August for 5, 10, or 12 months. Hosts may be single, married, or retired, with or without children. They provide room, board, and friendship to their student, whose legal guardian is SAI. All students speak English, have their own spending money and health insurance, and want nothing more than to learn about American society and culture while living it with their host. At the same time, the host has the opportunity to learn about the student's society and culture through his or her student. In this way, both host and student become goodwill ambassadors for their respective countries, ultimately helping the world become a smaller, more tolerant, more understanding place. All students are serious about their studies and many excel in one or more sport, such as soccer, tennis, or swimming, or art form, such as music, painting, or dance. Such interests along with a student's personality can be used by a potential host to select his/her student. Another criterion a host can use to choose a student is the former's connection to the country the student represents, such as by having descendants from that country, having lived or visited there, or just by having an interest in that particular place. This year's students come from AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL, GERMANY, THAILAND, BELGIUM, AUSTRIA, KOREA, the CZECH REPUBLIC, the NETHERLANDS, TURKEY, SLOVAKIA, SERBIA, CROATIA, CHINA, GREAT BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, RUSSIA, and ITALY. To learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for yourself and your student , please contact Richard at 512-442-0379. You'll be glad you did!