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Renaissance Social Welfare Society - RSWS2-851, S.V. Colony, KongareddypalleChittoor Town, Andhra Pradesh - 517001India

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Renaissance social welfare society came into existence in the year 2003. It is a registered voluntary charitable organisation serving the poor and needy people in Chittoor district. The organisation at present is working in the Gangavaram, Bireddypaale, pedda panjani & palamaner mandals in Chittoor district.


The general aim of the organisation is to empower the rural poor especially the women, children & youth from poverty, unemployment & diseases and improve their economic conditions to lead a quality life.


  • To perform acts of charity and render service to those in need especially the poor, distressed and backward in the community irrespective of race, caste and creed.
  • To engage in social service activities aimed at improving the economic, educational and social conditions of the poor including farmers, working classes or whatever occupation irrespective of caste and creed.
  • To provide basic necessities such as food clothing, medical, educational and housing facilities.
  • To establish and maintain both a reserved fund revolving fund of such amount as the Governing body may think it fit for the promotion of the activities of society.
  • To do all such other lawful acts and deeds essential or conductive to the fulfillments of objective of society.


Renaisasance Social Welfare Society aims at serving the developmental-needs of the "poorest-of-the poor" of the entire district. It caters to the socio-economic, educational, cultural, health and medical needs of the poor and the most backward people of the district. It extends different developmental programmes to all the age groups of the target population, both common and specific developmental oriented, in nature.

The Society has been serving the people of Chittoor district for the past ten years with a wide variety of developmental programmes, which aim at the "total development" of the target population. The range of programmes extended by the Society is listed as follows:

  • Adult Education and Awareness Programme for the whole village population.
  • Formation of children, youth and women sangams to promote Income Generation Programmes.
  • Self-Employment Training Programmes for women and youth groups in the target areas.
  • Promotion of Child Development Programmes through Balawadi.
  • Economic Assistance Programmes for the Education of Rural Children.
  • Assistance for the promotion of Self-Employment, Self-Reliant activity.
  • Vocational Trade Training for the deserving village women and the youth.
  • Educational facility for the Tribal Children.
  • Health and Hygienic Awareness and Medical Assistance Programme.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation Programme for the Disabled women and youth.
  • Safe Drinking Water Programmes.
  • Assistance for the rural youth to avail the Government Schemes.