Bellevue Discovery Center for Early Childhood Education

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About Us

Challenging and nurturing children who are bright, curious and original thinkers: The Preschool at Bellevue Discovery has a 1:4 teacher-child ratio, allowing us to provide an enriched, in-depth and individualized curriculum. Our program follows best practices in progressive early childhood gifted education. We believe all young children deserve to have a joy-filled preschool experience that supports their innate desire to learn.

The Bellevue Discovery Center for Early Childhood Education is a non-profit organization that supports highly capable children, their families, and the community. We accomplish this by:

  1. Nurturing the children's limitless potential and creativity
  2. Supporting their families in developing each child's unique gifts
  3. Fostering understanding in the community of the educational, social and emotional needs of highly capable young children

The Preschool Program at Bellevue Discovery offers:

  • An enriched curriculum, using research-based methods for working with young gifted children
  • Preschool peers who seek similar intellectual challenges
  • Teachers who understand and cherish the creativity and independent thinking of high-ability children
  • Families with a shared vision
  • Access to information about gifted education
  • A half-day preschool program that leaves time for family, activities with friends and independent play
  • A parent education program that supports and advises community members who are raising and educating young gifted children.

The Bellevue Discovery Center for Early Childhood Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, physical ability, religion, family composition, sexual identity, nationality, ethnic background, or other legally protected status in admission of qualified students, administration of educational programs, hiring and employment.

We believe diversity enriches learning and seek to promote and celebrate diversity at Bellevue Discovery.