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About Us

BC Club is a non-profit cultural & social organization founded on Dec 25th, 2006. BC stands for FRIENDS & Sincerity with the slogan "A Place for Friends".

Currently, BC has an active network with 4,100 members and thousands of collaborating organizations. Our members are experts in different fields and are unified by a common value "Friends & Sincerity." They work in the environment from which they can learn & develop themselve, and everyone has the opportunity to strive for the best of his ability. This is the core values which ​​develop us deeply and widely, bringing to our operations with invaluable experience, ideas and our best ability.

Statistics of certain activities until December 2011: More than 130 programs and projects conducted with nearly 500,000 children, the disadvantaged elderly and youth, raising their awareness about the environment from those activities.

- 4100 BC members in Vietnam and more than 40 countries around the world. - BC has been in frequent contact with more than 700 individuals/ organizations/journalisms on cultural and social issues. - Network of BC social media spreads exponentially. - More than 20,000 photos taken at BC social programs and activities in five years. - 14 couples make their pairs since taking part in BC activities. - Over 1,000 articles, television reports talk about BC or the program in which BC takes charge of communications. BC is one of the social organizations with the process of communication and event ranking at the top of the world.

Vision BCers has jointly built a professional international environment, where national identity is remarkable pride on every Bcer face, where pure white & red of enthusiasm burn every BC destination, where innovation & change takes place each day in each BCer, where the friendly & sincere smile filled in each member...

Mission - Community: BC performs community development activities, contributing to the 8 Millennium Development Goals (called the MDGs) especially the efforts to solve the root causes of poverty, ensuring environmental balance.

- Members development: Each BCer has their ambition to develop themselves, striving to equip with necessary knowledge and skills, cross-cultural exchange, integrating in international environment. BC always try to provide BCers dynamic work environment & friendly place for them to develop their potentials and improve themselves.

- Partners: The success and reputation of BC was assessed by the satisfaction of our partners. Therefore, BC is always "sincere" to bring our partners total satisfaction and trust.