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About Us

Our mission is to educate people about the dangers of nuclear weapons and nuclear power and to develop strategies for their abolition. We began as a working group of the 1980’s consensus-based, direct action oriented anti-nuclear movement. We continue to emphasize grassroots approaches, and also collaborate with peace, disarmament, and environmental groups world-wide, because nuclear technologies form an integral part of the predominant global circuit of trade and investment, and of the military-industrial complexes that both enforce and profit from it. WSLF does much of its work in the context of local, national and international networks that strive to bring together the power of bottom-up organizing efforts in ways that increase the possibility of affecting decisions made far from where their the greatest social and ecological impacts are experienced.

WSLF provides information and analysis about U.S. nuclear weapons programs and related high-tech weapons programs, their relationship to the broader nuclear industry, and their role in the global economy. Our work in national and international networks of grassroots is a primary means of disseminating information and also helps us to understand the global impacts of U.S.-based corporations and the military.