Zimbabwe Benefit Foundation



United Kingdom

About Us

The Zimbabwe Benefit Foundation (“ZBF”) is a registered UK charity which aims to relieve suffering, empower dispossessed people and enable the rebuilding of communities in Zimbabwe. This includes those who have lost the ability to earn an income since the family’s main breadwinner has been abducted or murdered. The organisation undertakes work through three linked programs:

1. The provision of humanitarian aid to alleviate the immediate effects of adverse conditions including extreme poverty, loss of shelter, livelihood and educational opportunities and ill health, including HIV/ AIDS 2. Supporting sustainable empowerment initiatives which help communities to rebuild both in relation to physical needs, through housing and employment initiatives and also to rebuild trust between individuals in these communities. 3. The provision of direct material assistance to individuals and families who have been victims of political violence.

The Foundation is run by a Board of Directors in London, supported by Patrons and an Advisory Board which includes two Nobel Laureates (Desmond Tutu and Wole Soyinka) and others known for their commitment to human rights. -