Her Equality, Rights and Autonomy

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United Kingdom

About Us

Our Vision is to assist women, who have been or could be trafficked, to realise their ambitions for a better life.

Our Dream is to create a world where “Her Equality Rights and Autonomy” is a reality.

Our Objectives are: -To help formerly trafficked women and young women vulnerable to trafficking to become economically self-sufficient in order to prevent trafficking and re-trafficking; -To help improve formerly trafficked women's self esteem and social and emotional support networks; -To build on formerly trafficked women's demonstrated resilience in order for them to develop meaningful ventures that lead to their economic autonomy; -To increase public awareness and understanding of the plight of trafficked women and young women vulnerable to trafficking.

Our short-term challenge is to have the capacity to welcome all formerly trafficked women or women vulnerable to trafficking who would benefit from the programme, whilst becoming more sustainable and efficient each year.