Peninsula Shepherd Center

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1475 Catalina Blvd
San Diego
United States

About Us

The Peninsula Shepherd Center, a member of Shepherd's Centers of America was incorporated in 1982. Modeled after the Shepherd Centers of America, each Shepherd Center is independent and develops services and programs for older adults according to local needs.

Recent estimates indicate that adults aged 60 and over represent about 12.4% of the total population. Further, while the 75 years and older population represent 5.4% of the total population in San Diego County, in the Peninsula community, this age group represents 7.1% of the population. According to the latest projections there are 10.800 residents 60 and older living in the Peninsula communities.

The Mission of the Peninsula Shepherd Center: To provide a support system which helps to allow older adults, sixty plus, to live independently and self-sufficiently in their homes for as long as possible, while providing opportunities to learn, to grow and to serve. Our Vision is a Community that Honors, Respects and Cares for Older Adults. A Shepherd Center is required to be ecumenical, operate in a defined geographic area, and not duplicate existing local services.

Over the years, PSC has provided a variety of services and programs. Currently, PSC provides: transportation, minor home repair, life enrichment, and information and referral. The downturn in the economy has made it difficult for small non profits. PSC is exploring new funding sources and all possible collaboration opportunities in order to sustain and grow our existing programs and services.